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  Novel Ideas for Teens

Links to help you choose a great read!


There are many great sites to help you find out about literature for teens. The following resources come from all over the internet and are written for teen readers and the people who buy books for them.


Teenage girl reading bookReviews by Teens

Professional Reviews

Books about Problems

Book Reviews by Genre

Graphic Novels

Strong Females

Books Guys will want to Read

For Advanced Readers

For Reluctant Readers

Multicultural Book Reviews

Award Winners


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Reviews by Teens

Word of Mouth: Find out what other teens are reading and what they have to say about the books.

St. Louis County Library Teen’s Page: Books for teens reviewed by teens.

Read On: Books reviewed by teens. 50 books on a variety of topics.

Teenage boy reading book

Professional Reviews for teens: A site for browsing books by author or category.

Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: A site put together by Patrick Jones, a leader in connecting teens and reading.

Teen Hoopla: A place for teens to find book reviews, links to teen sites, issue forums and a place to write your own book reviews.

Teen Link: New York Public Library’s site for teens. Links to book reviews, teen creative writing spots, homework help, and even a place to meet other teens.

Book Ideas: Book Suggestions for high school students.

Teen Zone: Great reads in young adult fiction.

Read on: Titles for teens chosen by Hennepin County Library, with links to specific sites and to subject.

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Books about Teen Problems

Teen Angst Books: Here, you’ll learn about great books for teens that honor the joys and struggles of the teen age years. Explores books by topic (such as fitting in, pressures, mixed up families, healing and challenge.

Thin and Bones: Books chosen by Hennepin County Library staff about teen struggles with body image and eating disorders.

Strong Female Characters

Hennepin County Library: Book picks for girls with gusto.

Brave Girls and Strong Women: In association with Bookstore, this site directs you to books featuring girls and women who are resourceful.

Framingham Public Library’s annotated list of books for girls.

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Book Reviews by Genre

Scranton Library Teen page: Has excellent sites for teens by genre.

Young Adult Books by Genre: Richland County Public Library’s source for finding books by type.

Books Guys will Want to Read

Guys Read: Books guys will want to read chosen by author Jon Scieszka.

Framingham Public Library’s annotated list of book choices for boys.

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Graphic Novels

No flying, no tights: A website that explores graphic novels for teens.

Graphic Novels: A core collection list by Patrick Jones

For Advanced Readers

Alex Awards: Books chosen by the American Library Association to recognize that many teens enjoy and often prefer books written for adults.

YALSA’s Outstanding Book list for the college bound

AOL Hometown’s selected list of new books for 17 year olds and older who are reading advanced books. Teenage boy reading book

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For Reluctant Readers

YALSA’s Quick Picks for the Reluctant Reader: The list is geared to the teenager who, for whatever reason, does not like to read. Teen input is a vital aspect in the final decision of the committee.

Framingham Public Library’s list of pages with 130 pages or fewer

Multicultural Books

Multicultural Review: A site for teachers and librarians with reviews of young adult books with multicultural themes.

San Francisco Public Library’s annotated list of teen multicultural books.

BestTeacher USA: List of multicultural books for teens broken into cultural groups.

County of Los Angeles Public Library: Lists of African American, Asian American, Latin and Hispanic American and Native American authors with listings of their book titles.

Award Winners

Michael Printz Award: A site with books that have been chosen as the best for young adults by the American Library Association

YALSA’s best books for young adults: From 1996 to 2003, lists of the top books for young adults rated by the American Library Association.’s list of Award Winning Teen books. Includes Michael Printz, National Book Awards, Newbery Awards, Alex Awards, Coretta Scott King Awards, Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards and Pura Belpre’ Awards.

International Reading Association Young adult choices: Lists winners from current year.


Teenage girl reading book

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Miscellaneous Subjects

Adventure and Survival
Hennepin County Public Library: Picks for best adventure stories about pushing the limits.

Webster Schools: Books by genre recommended by Ms. Rudolph (a teacher): Titles of adventure books by author.

What you’re reading: Minneapolis Public Library page with recommended horror books for teens.

What you’re reading: Minneaplis Public Library page with recommended humorous books for teens.

Framingham Library’s list of “What’s so funny:” Humorous books for teens.

Love and Romance
What you’re reading: Minneapolis Public Library page with recommended romance books especially focused on the young adult experience.

Favorite teen age angst books: Books about sex and love

Hennepin County Library: Books about gay and lesbian teens.

Framingham Public Library’s books for Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay and Trans-Gendered Teens.

Mystery and Suspense
What you’re reading: Minneapolis Public Library page with recommended mystery and suspense books for young adults.

Sports Books
St. Charles Library: Brief descriptions of sports stories for teens.
Science Fiction and Fantasy for teens 

Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens: A site with brief descriptions about favorite science fiction and fantasy books, with some suggestions from the adult collection.

Sci Fan: Books and links for young adult science fiction fans with links to book reviews.

What you’re reading: Minneapolis Public Library page with recommended science fiction and fantasy books.

Read on: A top ten list authored by a high school student with descriptions of her favorite fantasy and science fiction novels.













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